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A legacy of 60 years
‧The Early Years 1950 - 1980
Beitou was already a bustling and prosperous place in the 1950s, with its famous hot springs, fine restaurants and Nakashi music. Mr. Lian-Zhi Chen, the founder of ‘Formosa Shokudo’ (Formosa Canteen), worked as a chef in a Japanese restaurant in Beitou at that time. He soon earned his title in this prestigious location by using fresh quality ingredients to create exquisite recipes with mouth watering flavours. At the end of the Japanese colonial period, Lian opened the Formosa Shokudo and, the rest is history.
‧The Growing Years 1987 - 1997
Lian’s eldest son, Fang Zong took over in the 1980s. Fang relocated the restaurant to Tianmu and renamed it to the ‘Golden Formosa’, whilst preserving his father’s recipes and the detailed approach in making bespoke cuisines. Even years after Fang’s son, Eric Chen took over, the Golden Formosa had continued to deliver tongue tantalizing cuisines. It was filled with alluring aroma and happy diners and, because it was such a popular venue, many had to queue before being seated. A decision was then made for it to be relocated to a larger premise in Zhongcheng Road to meet the increasing number of customers.
The Prosperous Years 1997 – 2009
In June 2009, Eric Chen, the 2nd reinvented its brand and its recipes to step into a modern era of fine dining. The deco was upgraded with a contemporary oriental look and feel. New dishes were created with the promise to provide a healthier, lighter and nutritious life style to appeal to modern day customers. Every dish had been well thought through using less sugar, less salt and less oil – all without compromising taste. There is a dedicated long standing team of trained staff who are committed to providing the best quality food and first class service. We pride ourselves by constantly reviewing what we do and challenging ourselves to be the best at what we do. “Compromise is not an option”, as Lian once said.
Welcome to the Golden Formosa, where we hope your memories of traditional flavours will be awakened and infused with a twist of modern dining.